The Euclid Chemical Company

19218 Redwood Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44110-9916 United States

About Us

The Euclid Chemical Company, founded in 1910, is a worldwide supplier of products and services for the concrete and masonry industry. We offer a full line of admixtures marketed towards the concrete construction industry. Our Plastol line of high-range water reducers incorporates the next generation polycarboxylate chemistry, as well as conventional naphthalene based products. The Eucon line of accelerators, retarders and water reducers incorporates traditional admixture chemistries that Euclid Chemical is known for. Euclid Chemical’s line of mid-range water reducers offers an option for producers and finishers alike, when Type A water reducers can’t meet their needs and superplasticizing performance is not called for. We can offer solutions for specialty concrete, such as Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) and concrete with corrosion protection needs. Euclid Chemical also offers a full line of masonry admixtures. From water repellent admixtures such as Blocktite to the BK series of plasticizing and efflorescence-controlling admixtures. Euclid Chemical’s Fiberstrand line of Micro-fibers, coupled with Tuf-Strand SF Structural Macro-fibers, allows us to supply even the most demanding of specifications. Euclid Chemical can also supply the materials needed before and after the project is done, such as form release agents, curing compounds, sealers, adhesives, joint fillers, and a full line of repair products.